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Element 4451: Text subject code qualifier

NameText subject code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying the subject of the text.


AAAGoods item description
AABPayment term
AACDangerous goods additional information
AADDangerous goods technical name
AAEAcknowledgement description
AAFRate additional information
AAGParty instructions
AAIGeneral information
AAJAdditional conditions of sale/purchase
AAKPrice conditions
AALGoods dimensions in characters
AAMEquipment re-usage restrictions
AANHandling restriction
AAOError description (free text)
AAPResponse (free text)
AAQPackage content's description
AARTerms of delivery
AASBill of lading remarks
AATMode of settlement information
AAUConsignment invoice information
AAVClearance invoice information
AAWLetter of credit information
AAXLicense information
AAYCertification statements
AAZAdditional export information
ABATariff statements
ABBMedical history
ABCConditions of sale or purchase
ABDContract document type
ABEAdditional terms and/or conditions (documentary credit)
ABFInstructions or information about standby documentary
ABGInstructions or information about partial shipment(s)
ABHInstructions or information about transhipment(s)
ABIAdditional handling instructions documentary credit
ABJDomestic routing information
ABKChargeable category of equipment
ABLGovernment information
ABMOnward routing information
ABNAccounting information
ABODiscrepancy information
ABPConfirmation instructions
ABQMethod of issuance
ABRDocuments delivery instructions
ABSAdditional conditions
ABTInformation/instructions about additional amounts covered
ABUDeferred payment termed additional
ABVAcceptance terms additional
ABWNegotiation terms additional
ABXDocument name and documentary requirements
ABZInstructions/information about revolving documentary credit
ACADocumentary requirements
ACBAdditional information
ACCFactor assignment clause
ACFAdditional attribute information
ACGAbsence declaration
ACHAggregation statement
ACICompilation statement
ACJDefinitional exception
ACKPrivacy statement
ACLQuality statement
ACMStatistical description
ACNStatistical definition
ACOStatistical name
ACPStatistical title
ACQOff-dimension information
ACRUnexpected stops information
ACTTerms and definition
ACUSegment name
ACVSimple data element name
ACXMessage type name
ADAFunctional definition
ADCCover page
ADDDependency (syntax) notes
ADECode value name
ADFCode list name
ADGClarification of usage
ADHComposite data element name
ADIField of application
ADJType of assets and liabilities
ADKPromotion information
ADLMeter condition
ADMMeter reading information
ADNType of transaction reason
ADOType of survey question
ADPCarrier's agent counter information
ADQDescription of work item on equipment
ADRMessage definition
ADSBooked item information
ADTSource of document
ADVFixed part of segment clarification text
ADWCharacteristics of goods
ADXAdditional discharge instructions
ADYContainer stripping instructions
ADZCSC (Container Safety Convention) plate information
AEACargo remarks
AEBTemperature control instructions
AECText refers to expected data
AEDText refers to received data
AEESection clarification text
AEFInformation to the beneficiary
AEGInformation to the applicant
AEHInstructions to the beneficiary
AEIInstructions to the applicant
AEJControlled atmosphere
AEKTake off annotation
AELPrice variation narrative
AEMDocumentary credit amendment instructions
AENStandard method narrative
AEOProject narrative
AEPRadioactive goods, additional information
AEQBank-to-bank information
AERReimbursement instructions
AESReason for amending a message
AETInstructions to the paying and/or accepting and/or
AEUInterest instructions
AEVAgent commission
AEWRemitting bank instructions
AEXInstructions to the collecting bank
AEYCollection amount instructions
AEZInternal auditing information
AFCSemantic note
AFDHelp text
AFFBatch code structure
AFGProduct application
AFHCustomer complaint
AFIProbable cause of fault
AFJDefect description
AFKRepair description
AFLReview comments
AFNDescription of amount
AFQPurchase region
AFTLine of business
AFUFinancial institution
AFVBusiness founder
AFWBusiness history
AFXBanking arrangements
AFYBusiness origin
AFZBrand names' description
AGABusiness financing details
AGCConstruction process details
AGDConstruction specialty
AGEContract information
AGFCorporate filing
AGGCustomer information
AGHCopyright notice
AGIContingent debt
AGJConviction details
AGLWorkforce description
AGNFuture plans
AGOInterviewee conversation information
AGPIntangible asset
AGSIntercompany relations information
AGTJoint venture
AGVLong term debt
AGXCurrent legal structure
AGYMarital contract
AGZMarketing activities
AHBMarketable securities
AHCBusiness debt
AHDOriginal legal structure
AHEEmployee sharing arrangements
AHFOrganization details
AHGPublic record details
AHHPrice range
AHJRegistered activity
AHKCriminal sentence
AHLSales method
AHMEducational institution information
AHNStatus details
AHPSpouse information
AHQEducational degree information
AHRShareholding information
AHSSales territory
AHTAccountant's comments
AHUExemption law location
AHVShare classifications
AHXEvent location
AHYFacility occupancy
AHZImport and export details
AIAAdditional facility information
AIBInventory value
AIFDomestically agreed financial statement details
AIGOther current asset description
AIHOther current liability description
AIIFormer business activity
AIJTrade name use
AIKSigning authority
AIMHolding company operation
AINConsignment routing
AIOLetter of protest
AIQParty information
AIRArea boundaries description
AISAdvertisement information
AITFinancial statement details
AIUAccess instructions
AIWCredit line
AIXWarranty terms
AIYDivision description
AIZReporting instruction
AJAExamination result
AJBLaboratory result
ALCAllowance/charge information
ALDX-ray result
ALEPathology result
ALFIntervention description
ALGSummary of admittance
ALHMedical treatment course detail
ALJInstruction to patient
ALKInstruction to physician
ALLAll documents
ALMMedicine treatment
ALNMedicine dosage and administration
ALOAvailability of patient
ALPReason for service request
ALQPurpose of service
ARRArrival conditions
ARSService requester's comment
AUURequested location description
AUVMedicine administration condition
AUWPatient information
AUXPrecautionary measure
AUYService characteristic
AUZPlanned event comment
AVAExpected delay comment
AVBTransport requirements comment
AVCTemporary approval condition
AVDCustoms Valuation Information
AVEValue Added Tax (VAT) margin scheme
AVFMaritime Declaration of Health
BAGPassenger baggage information
BAHMaritime Declaration of Health
BAIAdditional product information address
BAJInformation to be printed on despatch advice
BAKMissing goods remarks
BALNon-acceptance information
BAMReturns information
BANSub-line item information
BAOTest information
BAPExternal link
BAQVAT exemption reason
BARProcessing Instructions
BASRelay Instructions
BATSIMA applicable
BAUAppeals program code
BAVSIMA subject
BAWSurtax applicable
BAXSIMA security bond
BAYSurtax subject
BAZSafeguard applicable
BBASafeguard applicable
BBBSafeguard subject
BLCTransport contract document clause
BLDInstruction to prepare the patient
BLEMedicine treatment comment
BLFExamination result comment
BLGService request comment
BLHPrescription reason
BLIPrescription comment
BLJClinical investigation comment
BLKMedicinal specification comment
BLLEconomic contribution comment
BLMStatus of a plan
BLNRandom sample test information
BLOPeriod of time
BLQSecurity measures requested
BLRTransport contract document remark
BLSPrevious port of call security information
BLTSecurity information
BLUWaste information
BLVB2C marketing information, short description
BLWB2B marketing information, long description
BLXB2C marketing information, long description
BLYProduct ingredients
BLZLocation short name
BMAPackaging material information
BMBFiller material information
BMCShip-to-ship activity information
BMDPackage material description
BMEConsumer level package marking
BMFSIMA measure in force
BMHSIMA measure type
CCICustoms clearance instructions
CCJSub Type Code
CCKSIMA information
CCLTime limit end
CCMTime limit start
CCNWarehouse time limit
CCOValue for duty information
CEXCustoms clearance instructions export
CHGChange information
CIPCustoms clearance instruction import
CLPClearance place requested
CLRLoading remarks
COIOrder information
CURCustomer remarks
CUSCustoms declaration information
DARDamage remarks
DCLDocument issuer declaration
DELDelivery information
DINDelivery instructions
DOCDocumentation instructions
DUTDuty declaration
EUREffective used routing
FBCFirst block to be printed on the transport contract
GBLGovernment bill of lading information
GENEntire transaction set
GS7Further information concerning GGVS par. 7
HANConsignment handling instruction
HAZHazard information
ICNConsignment information for consignee
IINInsurance instructions
IMIInvoice mailing instructions
INDCommercial invoice item description
INSInsurance information
INVInvoice instruction
IRPInformation for railway purpose
ITRInland transport details
ITSTesting instructions
LANLocation Alias
LINLine item
LOILoading instruction
MCOMiscellaneous charge order
MDHMaritime Declaration of Health
MKSAdditional marks/numbers information
ORIOrder instruction
OSIOther service information
PACPacking/marking information
PAIPayment instructions information
PAYPayables information
PKGPackaging information
PKTPackaging terms information
PMDPayment detail/remittance information
PMTPayment information
PRDProduct information
PRFPrice calculation formula
PRIPriority information
PURPurchasing information
QINQuarantine instructions
QQDQuality demands/requirements
QUTQuotation instruction/information
RAHRisk and handling information
REGRegulatory information
RETReturn to origin information
RQRConsignment route
SAFSafety information
SICConsignment documentary instruction
SINSpecial instructions
SLRShip line requested
SPASpecial permission for transport, generally
SPGSpecial permission concerning the goods to be transported
SPHSpecial handling
SPPSpecial permission concerning package
SPTSpecial permission concerning transport means
SRNSubsidiary risk number (IATA/DGR)
SSRSpecial service request
SURSupplier remarks
TCAConsignment tariff
TDTConsignment transport
TRATransportation information
TRRRequested tariff
TXDTax declaration
WHIWarehouse instruction/information
ZZZMutually defined